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AYAF Ensemble Collaboration Opus 3.

Creative Art Directing

DANCE: Music Communicates with the World

Olympus Hall in Seoul, Korea. Sept. 25. 2013 

FAMOUS (Compilation Remix Audio CD)

Published by SAC

Distributed by Mirror Ball Inc.

Nov. 2014

Album Launching Party

Club Globe @ Itaewon, South Korea, Nov 21. 2014

NEW FRONTIER (AYAF Ensemble Collaboration)

BACH? no BACH! with Saenghwang - New Composition 

Guro Art Valley, Nov. 2010 - With Grant of Art Council of Korea

There's No Sea

On&Off Dance Company - Music Director

Daehangno Arts Theater, July 2009

Platform + 人

Sound Diary Project Exhibition

Inchon Art Platform, Nov. 2011

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