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Multidisciplinary paradigms, intertwined into a work of text, image, movement, and sound, are at the core of Korean artist and composer, aRing’s (a.k.a. Irene Eunyoung Lee) practice. With a formal multi-cultural training in classical music, vocals, popular music composition and production, computer music technology, and culture technology, aRing channels her artistic treatment to organized sound by pushing against its formalist boundaries to create innovative cross-media experiences that touch upon the recurring topics of the innate living of a human life. aRing builds sonically-lead, inter-media dramaturgies through the inclusion of both intended and unexpected sounds. These range from sound samples from airports, the street, churches, yoga classes, and nature together with elaborately designed electronically synthesized sounds, the playing of acoustic musical sounds, and sound effects. She accentuates a sense of the spiritual-purificatory role of art by taking mundane existential stories of sweet and/or poignant moments of life, presenting them as general and intellectual states, and maneuvering them into insightful ritualistic art practices.

Creative Director
Irene Eunyoung Lee (a.k.a. aRing)

A Sound Artist, Composer, Educator, Researcher with dynamic background records in creative contemporary art practices, academic teachings, departmental coordinations, cross-disciplinary researches, and extensive musical expertise in cross-cultural backgrounds. 



Ph.D.: Graduate School of Culture Technology

2017 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon, South Korea - Majoring in Culture Technology 


M.M.: Music Technology

2002 New York University in New York, N.Y., USA - Majoring in Music Technology


B.M.: Music Production & Engineering

Berklee College of Music in Boston, M.A., USA - Majoring in Music Production & Engineering (Cum Laude, Dean's List)


Expansive Sound Organization: Examinations of Added Value Effects on Aesthetic Experience Based on Empirical Study of Visual Music and Existent Sound Art Practice Explorations

(Approved in November 2016, KAIST, South Korea)




Assistant Professor (March 2019 to Current)

Hoseo University in Asan, South Korea

Assistant Professor - Tenure-track  (March 2010 to January 2016)

Dongah Institute of Media and Arts (DIMA) in Anseong, South Korea

Visiting Professor - Full time  (February 2005 to February 2006)

Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea


Independent Executive Sound Director for Lunia Online Game  (April 2004 to April 2005)

ALLM, Inc. in Seoul, Korea


Lecturer (Part-time)  (August 2003 to December 2003)

Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea

New Media Developer (Full-time)  (February 2000 to February 2002)

Cutting Vision in New York, NY



MAJOR WORKS: Sound Diary Project Series



FAMOUS (Remix Compilation Album Published by SAC and Distributed by Mirror Ball Inc., Nov. 2014), Executive Producer. 

DANCE - AYAF Ensemble Collaboration Opus. 3 (Olympus Hall, Sept.2013 - With Grant of Art Council of Korea), Creative Director and Composer.

Sound Diary Project Exhibition (Inchon Art Platform, Nov. 2011).

AYAF Ensemble Collaboration: BACH (Guro Art Valley, Nov. 2010 - With Grant of Art Council of Korea), Composer. 

There's No Sea by On&Off Dance Company (Daehangno Arts Theater, July 2009), Music Director.

Eclipse by Moving Image Group Bandal (National Theater of Korea, 2009), Sound Director.

Cheonan City's Traditional Orchestra's Annual Concert (Cheonan Art Center, Nov. 2004).

MAFID - International New Media Festival in Daegu (Daegu Art Center, Sept.2004). 

Fellowships, Grants and Awards

Art Research Course Grant (Chungnam Arts and Culture Foundation, 2023)

International Exchange Project Research Grant (Art Council Korea, 2017)

Performance Art Creative Diversity Grant (Art Council Korea, 2012)

Performance Art Creative Activity Grant (Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, 2010)

ARKO Young Artist Frontier Fellowship (Art Council Korea, 2009~2010, The First Digital Music Artist by Art Council of Korea)

Boryung Stage Production Grant (The Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organization of Korea, 2009)

Indi-label Promotion Grant (KOCCA, 2004)

2001 Summit Creative Award (Silver, Self-Promotion/New Media for Cutting Vision Interactive DVD)

2001 AXIEM Award (Silver, Interactive DVD Excellence for Cutting Vision Interactive DVD)

2001 AXIEM Award (Silver, Website Excellence for


A Case Study of Experience-Based Liberal Arts Curriculum Converging Music Listening and Philosophical Thinking (Korean Journal of General Education 2023. 12. Vol. 17, No. 6, pp. 207-219, Dec 18, 2023).

The Higher Education Possibility of Sound Art in Korea – Focusing on the Proposal of Creative Fusion Liberal Arts Learning (Irene Eunyoung Lee, The Journal of the Convergence on Culture Technology (JCCT) Vol. 6, pp.443-451, Nov 5, 2023).

The Evolving Sound Art (Part 2): A Deliberation about Advancement of Contemporary Genre-Disruptive Art Practices (Irene Eunyoung Lee, The Journal of the Convergence on Culture Technology (JCCT) Vol. 6, No. 2, pp.169-176, May 31, 2020).

The Evolving Sound Art (Part 1): Sonic Singularities and Chronicle Traces (Irene Eunyoung Lee, The Journal of the Convergence on Culture Technology (JCCT) Vol. 6, No. 1, pp 395-401, February 29. 2020).

In Search of Holistic Spirituality: A Philosophy of a Physi-Musiking Practice, (Irene Eunyoung Lee, Proceedings of the 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Gwangju, South Korea, June 24.2019).


Arousal Rules: An Empirical Investigation into the Aesthetic Experience of Cross-modal Perception with Emotional Visual Music

(Lee et al. Frontiers in Psychology, April 2017).

An Empirical Study of Proactive Multimedia Therapy Contents for Public: Production Design and Cognitive Response Measurements

(Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC10) Sapporo, Japan, 2008).

Communicating in Digital: Interaction between Music Industry and Technology in the Digital Media 

(Junggon Shi et al. (2007) Seoul, Korea: Geulnurim).




Pre-2023 Sonic Sactuary Presentation (Zoom). 21C Spiritual Soundbites - (Hoseo University, South Korea, Dec. 22, 2022).

Geopolitics of Sound. (Invited Panel, Live YouTube Streaming) Colonial regimes and acoustic alterities of listening. In: II Encuentro Internacional Red Ecología Acústica (México 2020, 9-12 December 2020).

Sound Design. (Invited Artist Talk). Being a Sound Artist in Sound Korea (Hong Kong Polytech University, Nov. 21. 2017).

Platform + 人 (Invited Artist Talk). (Inchon Art Platform, Nov. 2011)

Memberships/Scholarly Societies

Member of IPACT (International Promotion Agency of Culture Technology. Seoul, Korea)

Member of the Korean Association of General Education (Seoul, Korea)

Member of KEAMS (Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society. Seoul, Korea)

ARKO Ensemble (Seoul, Korea)

Core Qualifications


Sound Recording and Audio Engineering, Sound Art Theatre Production, Music Production, Technologically-Mediated Performance, Electronic Music, Live Electro-Acoustic Improvisations, Emotional Visual Music Research, Video Editing

Periodicles & Reviews


<On·Offline News Media>
   F.OUND – 몸짓, 조명과 영상이 어우러진 소리의 스토리텔링 2012.12.28
   JoongAng Ilbo (중앙일보) – 사운드 아티스트 아링, MUNG를 통해 독창적인 예술세계 표현 2010.10.26
   New Stage (뉴스테이지) – 인간의 몸짓이 하나가되다 사운드아트 ‘MUNG’ 2010.10.26.
   Union Press (유니온 프레스) – 소리, 빛, 영상, 몸짓이 융합된 무대가 펼쳐져 2010.10.02.
   Newsis (뉴시스) – 아링 사운드아트 MUNG, 공감각적인 소리의 완성 2010.10.27.
   News Culture (뉴스컬쳐) – 신과 인간의 소통, 사운드아트 MUNG 한국적소리와 컴퓨터음악의 만남 2010. 10.26
   Hankook Ilbo (한국일보) – 컴퓨터 아티스트 아링의 ‘멍’ 기계가 만든 음으로 변주 전위예술의 상징적 무대 2010. 10.29
   Daejeon Ilbo – 7인의 예술가, 소리를 디자인하다 사운드 아티스트 아링, 무용가 최정민 등 2009. 10.29
   CNI News (충남도정신문) – 멀티미디어 음악극 ‘악몽’ 보령 공연 2010. 09.13
   JoongAng Ilbo (중앙일보) – 컴퓨터로 소리디자인하는 사운드 아티스트 국내소개 나선 ‘아링’ 2004.11


   CT Press – 사운드 아트 총체극 <MUNG: II> : 이은영 박사과정을 만나다 2010. 11
   올리브 네트워크 인터뷰 – 사운드 아티스트 아링의 비쥬 뮤직스토리 2006년 7
   MM JAZZ – 사운드 아트 앨범을 선보인 ‘아링’의 사운드 다이어리 2004.11
   Style H – 음악을 디자인하는 아티스트, 아링 2005.2


   Independent Art Webzine Indienbob – 수면 위의 이펙터는 비상하는 물고기처럼 「aRing – MUNG」

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