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Mind, Body & World with Sound

Since 2003

Upcoming Event by Sonic Arts and Cultur

Sonic Arts & Culture is a disruptive and all-inclusive music/sound art platform. Started from a need of a container and wheels to put a creative minded artist’s endeavors in conducting a life with genuine challenges and endeavoring efforts related to consciously musiking. Realizing artistic ideas into constructed outputs with creative sound has been and will be from true experiences.

A hypothesis diagram of functional-information-integration of aesthetic perception.
Sound Diary Album
Sound Art Threatre <MUNG>
"삶은 내 선택으로 이루어지는 세상의 단 하나뿐인 협주곡. 난 그 심장의 노래에 춤을 추리라 "

“Life is a sole concerto that my heart performs through choices and decisions. I dance to the song tonight”

- aRing
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